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The Craft Route

The Creative Community

Crafters, Makers, Artists, Poets, Foodies, Storytellers, Musicians  & more on the Cape Flats of Cape Town and across South Africa yearn to create opportunity and the access to opportunity.

  The Craft Route is developed as a channel to support residents to find and create more accessible and reflective opportunities. To stimulate a sense of creative purpose. To begin with what you have. To pursue self-expression, self-reliance and self-sustainability within a supportive community.

To offer creative alternatives for neigbours to utilize their local spending power within local street communities

To build Community Spirit


Homemade by creatives in your Street Community. Find Crafter Youth, Adults & Elders in your neigbourhood. Let your homemade creativity sustain you. Let your creative passion instill pride, creativity and community spirit within your own street community. Join The Craft Route and start your creative journey.


Share your creative journey. The Craft Route online social media platform is your Go-To-Space. Post All your activity. Share your creative process with your local craft community. Every creative step is posterity & share worthy


Attend local indoor & outdoor Craft Markets in your Community and surrounds.  Meet & mingle with crafters your neighbours and new visitors to your community . Use your local spending power in support of your local neighbourhood and street communities


Attend introductory level, basic level and advanced level Craft Workshops for All. Woman, Youth, Kids, Men and the Elderly all welcome to a variety of craft workshops hosted by, endorsed, by and promoted by The Craft Route. Contact us if you would like to attend a craft workshop or to facilitate a craft workshop.

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Welcome to a crafting, gifting, browsing & shopping experience which is borne from an urge, a niggle, a whisper that reminds us that there is more to life, more to our expression of self and the lives we live and project. Welcome to a space that reminds us that we are human, that we have an inherent impulse to create, to beautify, to share, to slow down, to find meaning and live authentically – closer to life and the highest expression of who we are.

The Creative Community

Crafters, Artists, Poets, Foodies, Musicians & Storytellers who practice our craft from within our home spaces. We all have the same goal – Feeding our families, creating self-employment, sharing skills, creating opportunity and bringing beauty into our street communities and neighbourhoods by living a more creative and meaningful life. So we do what we can with what we have for the one`s we love in Community Spirit

Living Authentically