… is a Journey of 10 000 Crafters, Artists, Poets, Foodies, Storytellers & Musicians on the Cape Flats of Cape Town and across South Africa where opportunity and the access to opportunity is a past & present challenge.  Crafters within our communities are currently making their individual livelihoods from unsustainable, slim-picking access at local events, markets & informal trading locations – which is numbers & previous-access restricted. The Craft Route is developed as a channel to re-introduce a community attitude of community support where residents have more creative opportunities to utilize their local spending power in local neigbourhoods & street communities all across South Africa. Just search your street community or area – below
We are...

.. Crafters, Artists, Poets, Foodies, Musicians & Storytellers who practice our craft from within our home spaces. We all have the same goal – Feeding our families, creating self-employment, sharing skills, creating opportunity and bringing beauty into our street communities and neighbourhoods by living a more creative and meaningful life. So we do what we can with what we have for the one`s we love in Community Spirit 

Living Authentically

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Welcome to a crafting, gifting, browsing & shopping experience which is borne from an urge, a niggle, a whisper that reminds us that there is more to life, more to our expression of self and the lives we live and project. Welcome to a space that reminds us that we are human, that we have an inherent impulse to create, to beautify, to share, to slow down, to find meaning and live authentically – closer to life and the highest expression of who we are.

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The Craft Route - since 2015

The Craft Route was developed within Grassy Park - Cape Town, South Africa as a local development channel within the community,  surrounding Cape Flats and across South Africa communities by a few neighbours who understood the benefit of hyper-local action within the street communities in pursuit of community cohesion development, skills development, economic development, heritage development, and more. The Craft Route is one such scalable development channel